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Need a Hand with Your EOM Planning?

Patrick Mirza - Director of Communications

Let us help you spread the word on employee ownership this October.  

Recently, we were talking to one of our members about her ESOP company’s preparations for Employee Ownership Month (EOM). She shared some of her concerns: 

  • She was not sure how much bandwidth her fellow employee owners would have for EOM activities, especially since many have school age children who will be home while attending classes remotely this fall.  

  • She was concerned about spending too much of her own time—and too much of her ESOP company’s money—on festivities that might be seen as frivolous during such a distressing time.  

  • She wanted to be sure her company’s EOM plans were safe.  

That conversation was a huge help in shaping our own plans for EOM this year. 

Like the member mentioned above, we know many of you are stretched thin, trying to develop new products or ways of working while adapting to constantly changing conditions. For many of us, tasks that once were established and easy to manage are now complex and complicated. If that describes your planning for EOM, then let us help.  

This year we are offering a suite of turnkey products you can share directly with your employee owners—all designed to make your EOM events easier, less stressful, and less expensive, while hopefully remaining enjoyable and educational.  

Plus, the place where you can find all these tools is a resource of its own—the special Employee Ownership Month network [add link] on The HUB! Visit today to share EOM ideas with your peers, ask questions, bounce ideas off each other, and do what employee owners do best—collaborate on solving problems and making things work better.  

While you are there, get access to great resources like: 

  • EOM backgrounds you can use in your office video chats.  
  • Signs to printout, take selfies with, and share on social media during October. 
  • Fact sheets about ESOPs. 
  • The 2020 Press Kit, with tips on communicating to employee owners, the press, and your community. 
  • Links to educational ESOP Association webpages.  
  • ...And more!  

These new materials have already been downloaded more than 850 times! And more resources will be added regularly between now and Oct. 1. So, visit the EOM Network today and let us help you ensure your fellow employee owners have a great October.