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The ESOP Ambassador Program from The ESOP Association Advocacy

ESOP Ambassadors


The ESOP Association's ESOP Ambassador Program for Advocacy

ESOP Ambassadors are passionate community leaders who have experience working with elected or appointed representatives, a relationship with their Member of Congress, or wish to cultivate a new relationship. When you volunteer to serve as an Ambassador, you will become a primary point of contact for your Member of Congress and assume responsibility for relaying the views of the ESOP community through frequent, targeted communications.

If you have an existing relationship with your lawmakers, let TEA know! Don’t have a relationship yet? That is ok, the ESOP Ambassador Program will help you develop a lasting relationship with your elected officials.

Expectations & Responsibilities of ESOP Ambassadors

Expectations & Responsibilities of ESOP Ambassadors

An ESOP Ambassador’s most valuable contribution to TEA is the relationship he or she develops with policy makers and political appointees.  Ambassadors will receive updates from TEA with resources that encourage meaningful engagement with Members of Congress. These items will be posted on The HUB in the Advocacy Academy Library for easy access. 

In addition to regular communications with your Member of Congress, there are several specific tasks you are encouraged to fulfill as an ESOP Ambassador.


  1. Stay Informed – Your knowledge on ESOP issues is vital to your ability to present information to Members of Congress. ESOP Ambassadors must stay informed not only on policy but also on issues within the ESOP community.  You can do this by keeping up with the ESOP Report and TEA’s Washington Alerts.


  1. Join and Participate in EOAN – The Employee Ownership Action Network (EOAN) is an easy and effective way to advocate for our community.  EOAN provides a unified and energized voice intended to advance employee ownership priorities.  When you register on TEA’s website, you will receive easy to follow alerts on issues that affect employee ownership.


  1. Participate in TEA’s Advocacy Academy Training – The Advocacy Academy is designed to prepare TEA members to successfully interact with their elected officials. The Advocacy Academy is not only part of TEA’s National Conference, but a resource that all our membership can use all year long. The Advocacy Academy will host a series of webinars and provide ESOP Ambassadors with material on how to create and foster long-term relationships with their representatives.


  1. Attend TEA’s National Conference in Washington, D.C. – TEA National Conference is your opportunity to join hundreds of your fellow employee owners while meeting with your legislators in Washington, D.C.  As an ESOP Ambassador, this meeting is likely the most important meeting you will have with your legislators during the year.


  1. Connect with Your Member of Congress Routinely - Once you made a connection with your lawmaker, it’s time to start regular communications, probably 3-4 times per year. TEA’s Advocacy Academy Resource Library is the home to numerous advocacy materials, offering ideas on engagement, institutional knowledge on Congress, as well as policy background and information that will keep you informed!  Content will be updated regularly.


  1. Report Back to TEA – Information you gather from contacting your elected officials is valuable to TEA’s Advocacy team and helps advance our shared goals. Click here to easily submit your feedback form. 


  1. Make a Commitment - TEA asks that all ESOP Ambassadors pledge a two-year term that runs concurrently with the two-year Congressional cycle.


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