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TEA Advisory Committees

Guidelines & Requirements

These are the Guidelines & Requirements for membership on an ESOP Association Advisory Committee beginning 5/1/2024. 

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Advisory Committee on Administration

Companies face important choices when establishing and running an ESOP. This committee’s focus is helping companies understand how the ESOP can help accomplish its strategic goals, operate effectively and efficiently, and stay in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Chair: Renee Stadtmueller, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Advisory Committee on Valuation

Business Valuation is an essential aspect of new ESOP formations and ongoing annual administrative updates. Valuation professionals assist ESOP trustees in the process of determining the fair market value of ESOP shares. This committee helps ESOP professional advisors and ESOP companies understand the latest trends, issues, laws, and regulations related to properly determining an ESOP’s share value.

Chair: Andy Manchir, Katz, Sapper & Miller

Advisory Committee on Ownership Culture

This committee focuses on developing effective practices related to building high performance ownership cultures, including ESOP communication and education, employee engagement, and leadership and management practices that leverage the skills and knowledge of employee owners. 

Chair: Mike Frommelt, KeyStone Executive Search

Advisory Committee on Legislative & Regulatory Issues

This committee is focused on the laws, regulatory activity, and latest court rulings impacting ESOP companies and professional advisors in connection with ESOP purchase and sale transactions and the administration of ESOPs.

Chair: Peter Jones, Tucker Ellis, LLP

Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues

ESOP fiduciaries are a requirement of all ESOPs and being a fiduciary can involve many legal, valuation, and financial decisions that fiduciaries need to fulfill as part of their duties. This committee plays a vital role in helping ESOP fiduciaries understand and fulfill their legal, financial, and ethical obligations.

Chair: Wayne Isaacks, Isaacks & Associates, Ltd

Advisory Committee on Finance Issues

This committee focuses on the accounting, tax, and finance implications of both ESOP purchase and sale transactions, as well as the ongoing financial requirements and strategic and tactical alternatives in managing a partially or 100% ESOP-owned company.

Chair: Rebecca Glasgow, UBS Financial Services