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The 4th Option - A video series by The ESOP Association and Employee Ownership Foundation about ESOP Formation

Forming an ESOP

Over the next 10 years 2.5 million baby boomer business owners will be looking to transfer ownership of their business. This will be the single largest transfer of business ownership in history.

In our new video series in conjunction with the Employee Ownership Foundation we will explore the benefits of transferring ownership of your business to your employees. If you're a business owner or executive, please watch the videos below to learn more!

ESOP Formation Stories

Keeping Values Intact: Gardener’s Supply Company’s ESOP Story

Gardener’s Supply, an organic and sustainable outdoor supply company, considered several options before deciding on forming an ESOP. The company looked at its stakeholders and made the decision to become employee owned as a way to stay connected to its community, preserve its values, and support its employees. Watch several employee owners share their stories about how the ESOP has impacted their lives while growing the company.

Continuing a Local Legacy: Air Tractor’s ESOP Story

Air Tractor Inc. is a United States aircraft manufacturer based in Olney, Texas. Founded in 1978, the company manufactures agricultural aircraft. When founder, Leland Snow looked to sell his business, he turned to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ensuring his business stayed local and that his legacy lived on.

Making the Right Choice: Harpoon Brewery’s ESOP Story

Hear the story about how one of the first craft breweries in the nation became one of the most successful employee owned breweries in the world.

Providing Company Stability: Bob’s Red Mill ESOP Story

You may recognize him from the cover of your favorite flour or oatmeal, Bob Moore, founder of Bob's Red Mill, based in Portland, OR, tells the story of his company's transition to employee ownership through an ESOP.

Preparing for the Future: Mid South Building Supply’s ESOP Story

From orphan to owner and then finally deciding to secure his legacy and transition his company to an ESOP, the founder of Mid South Building Supply, Norman Rales, had a monumental impact on the future of his company and the people who work there. Hear from the new owners (the employees) about how being an ESOP company impacts them every day.

Business Succession - Introduction to ESOPs

Introduction to ESOPs

What is an ESOP and how do business owners decide to transition ownership of their business, and often their life’s work, to their employees?

Structuring an ESOP

In this video a group of professional advisors discuss how employee owned companies with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) are structured.

What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

What happens when the founder of a business retires? How can they keep their legacy in tact? In this video, learn how the ESOP can help maintain a company founder's legacy for generations. 

The Dos and Don'ts of ESOPs

In the fourth video in this series, our group of ESOP experts discuss the dos and don'ts of ESOPs before and during an ESOP transition. 

Forming An ESOP - The 4th Option

May be able to avoid paying federal and even state income tax on the portion of the business owned by the ESOP.

Most business owners know that there are three options when planning for retirement.

One, they can sell their business.
Two they can, pass the business to a member of their family.
Or three, they can close up shop.

But, there’s a fourth option. One that allows a business owner to sell the business to the people who care most about its success, the employees. It’s called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This type of succession plan happens on the business owner’s timeline and ensure the business stays open, local, and in the hands of people who are passionate about the legacy of the company.

Considering An ESOP?

ESOP Association Members at a Networking happy hour during Employee Owned 2019

Are you considering ESOP formation? If you would like more information about forming an ESOP, our TEA membership team is ready to assist you.

Join The ESOP Association today and learn why an ESOP can help you boost cashflow and gain competitive advantage. Learn how to set up and make your ESOP successful. Avoid costly mistakes with the training, network and network your business needs.