Corporate Council

Corporate Council


Corporate Council Investors represent a passionate group of companies and individuals whose investments protect and shape the political future of employee ownership.  Many companies may not be in a position to offer an ESOP PAC campaign with their employees and may choose to participate instead through a Corporate Counsel contribution. 

Companies looking to support TEA’s Advocacy efforts in a higher and more engaged way are encouraged to join the Corporate Council. Your support increases TEA’s ability to engage in a more broad and impactful way, influence new Policies to promote Employee Ownership,  and allows us to speak for the ESOP community in an even more powerful way.

Support from your company to the Corporate Council is an important component of TEA’s advocacy. These voluntary contributions come from corporate funds and are used to cover our political and legislative activities. These funds cannot be used for campaign contributions, but they can be used to help offset the expense of new programs, staff, travel, and other administrative expenses associated with our advocacy mission.

Corporate Council funds can be used to cover a variety of TEA’s government relations activities, including:

  • Materials and draft legislative or regulatory proposals
  • Publications to build and support a well-informed team of TEA members
  • Special studies to support our legislative and regulatory positions
  • TEA’s National Conference in Washington DC
  • TEA’s State and Chapter advocacy activities
  • Fundraising activities for ESOP PAC
  • PAC travel for TEA staff and TEA members
  • State-level lobbying activities

The Corporate Council should not be confused with ESOP PAC, the registered Political Action Committee of The ESOP Association. ESOP PAC enables TEA to directly make contributions to the re-election campaigns of officials who support the Employee Ownership agenda. Corporate Council funds cannot be used for campaign contributions.

TEA is actively seeking Corporate Council Members. For more information contact Nicole Reppert at