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ESOP Employee Accelerator

Event Overview

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Future Dates and Locations:

July 2024

August 2024

  • Atlanta, GA

October 2024


Think Like an Owner!

    Employee Ownership Foundation’s New One-Day Accelerator Program Teaches Lifelong Business & ESOP Knowledge, Helps Employees Think and Act Like Owners

    What is EBITDA and why should I care? Why does my ESOP’s valuation fluctuate so much year to year? If you’re an ESOP executive, manager, or HR professional, you’ve probably heard employee owners asking questions like these. For new hires that do not come from an ESOP background, it can be difficult to appreciate not only the wealth-creating potential of their ESOP, but also how their day-to-day actions at work affect the company’s bottom line.

    That’s why Employee Ownership Foundation has created the ESOP Employee Accelerator. This intensive (and fun!) one-day program is geared toward non-management and new employee owners, to provide them with core fundamentals of business and ESOPs. The goal of the Accelerator program is to get employees thinking like the owners they are by instilling a knowledge base to help them approach their jobs with an ownership mindset. After attending an Accelerator, employee owners will have a better understanding of business operations and decisions, and an appreciation of how they can impact their ESOP.

    Accelerator attendees will develop a solid foundation of basic business concepts, gain new perspectives on ownership, and learn with and from one another through a combination of interactive classwork, small group discussions, and structured exercises.


    Unleash the Power of Employee Ownership!

    Typically, attendees come from ESOP companies where developing a culture of ownership is an important aspect of corporate success. ESOPs are encouraged to send up to six employee owners to an Accelerator to help make post-program implementation more effective. The Accelerator course curriculum includes:

    The ABC’s of ESOPs

    • Why Form an ESOP?
    • Benefits of ESOPs
    • Governance
    • Vesting & Valuation
    • Distributions & Repurchase Obligations

    ESOP Case Studies

    By looking at three real-life ESOP company journeys, we’ll explore similarities and differences between the companies and how they relate to the participants’ ESOPs.

    Intro to Business

    • Business Types
    • Core Business Functions
    • Types of Decision Making

    Intro to Financials

    • Purpose and Importance of Financial Statements
    • Basics of Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flows

    Business Simulation Exercise

    Participants will be tasked with simulating the operation of an ESOP company for one quarter. The exercise features challenging dynamics and problems often encountered in the business world, with scenarios that drive participants to make decisions that will affect customers, employees, profits, and the short and long-term health of the business.