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Americans Want to Work for Employee Owned Companies

For nearly the last decade, the Employee Ownership Foundation has provided the funding necessary to collect data regarding employee ownership as part of the General Social Survey (GSS). This survey, and the data it produces, is considered the gold-standard for data used by academic researchers interested in studying the American population. The data is openly available and has subsequently been used by academics to better understand Americans’ attitudes toward employee ownership and the impact it has on their lives. This new report published by Dr. Joseph Blasi and Dr. Doug Kruse of Rutgers University analyzed the newest release of GSS data and observed the overwhelming and uniquely bi-partisan support for employee ownership across all demographics and citizen profiles.

Employee Training

While gaining an ownership stake in one’s place of employment is an obvious benefit, research is showing that employee owned companies also invest in their employees through training at a much higher rate than other businesses. Workers, especially the rising millennial generation, consistently cite job training and skills development as a key driver for job satisfaction and longevity in a position.