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Apr. 21
Is your ESOP providing the promised employee motivation, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved profitability? If no, you’re not alone. While studies have demonstrated ESOPs can be powerful tools to strengthen company performance and employee morale and retention, these results are only achieved if stock ownership is combined with a strong employee-owned culture. 
It’s never too late to start or improve the tools you use to get the most out of shared ownership.
Apr. 16
Canada’s employee ownership proposal, writes Graeme Nuttall and James Bonham, appears to ignore clear evidence of what has worked in the U.S. and U.K. — but there’s time to fix it.
We have witnessed a recent surge in business transitions toward employee ownership in both the United Kingdom and the United States.
Apr. 14
March was a busy month for TEA’s Chapter Program, which sprang into the new year with in-person conferences and events throughout the nation! In March alone TEA Chapter Officers, Programming Committees, and Chapter Executives hosted a total of 18 Chapter events, with more to come in April. 
Apr. 07
Last year was an extraordinary year for the advocacy efforts of The ESOP Association.  But like most good things, it took the work and resources of many to make it happen.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend a most heartfelt word of gratitude to a handful of Association members who stepped forward last year to help fund a special working group project of the Corporate Council that will benefit the entire community.
Mar. 17
It has been decades since we have seen the borrowing climate for deals change so sharply as it has recently outside of a recession. Financing for M&A and private equity transactions deteriorated dramatically through 2022, with third-quarter M&A financing down 70% from the previous quarter and buyout financing during the period less than half that completed in the first quarter. 
Mar. 10
Now ends the 2022 ESOP plan year and so begins a new year.  With this annual cycle comes a myriad of contrasting economic, market, and other considerations that will influence new and existing ESOP valuations.  
Mar. 06
After several weeks of negotiations and sometimes very public political maneuvering, both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have chosen their respective leaders and committee structures for the 118th Congress. Now that the dust has cleared and the business of Congress has begun, it is critical from an advocacy perspective to understand how ESOPs and the employee ownership community will be affected.
Mar. 03
Recently, more than 60 volunteer leaders from TEA’s State and Regional Chapter Council (SRCC) journeyed to our nation’s capital for two days of strategic planning meetings at TEA headquarters in preparation for a busy 2023. 
Feb. 17
Allowing Loans and Technical Assistance for ESOP Buyouts of Retiring Business Owners