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Feb. 27
During a ceremony on December 19th at DVL Group’s Bristol headquarters, Gerald “Jerry” Mullery (Deputy Secretary, Compensation & Insurance, PA Department of Labor & Industry) presented Tony O’Hare (DVL’s Safety and Compliance Manager) with the 2023 Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence (GASE), on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. O’Hare accepted the award on behalf of DVL.
Feb. 22
Communication is incredibly important to help employee owners understand both the financial benefit of the ESOP and shared ownership culture. But when you look around at your company, you may see a multigenerational workforce with varying degrees of knowledge – and comfort – with the ESOP and financial terms.
So how can you effectively communicate the value of the ESOP, and ultimately strengthen your company’s ownership culture, when you have a multi-generational workforce? Here are a few key steps that we’ve seen work in a variety of industries.
Feb. 20
Advisors have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of conversations ESOP clients are having around mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) in the past few years.
Feb. 16
In 1986 The ESOP Association’s Board of Directors adopted a change to the bylaws allowing for the organization of subgroups under its legal charter and non-profit recognition.  Article VIII, Section 1 of The ESOP Association by-laws provide for groups organized in state or regional areas that are known as “State” or “Regional” Chapters of The ESOP Association. This change allowed for the development of our current structure of 19 chapters across the United States.
Feb. 13
As the new year kicked off, The ESOP Association’s State and Regional Chapter Council (SRCC) joined our Public Policy Council (PPC) Executive Committee in Washington, DC for an annual meeting. In addition to the business conducted by the SRCC and PPC executive committees, the more than 70 volunteer leaders went to Capitol Hill with information in hand to lay the groundwork for the Association’s advocacy efforts this year on several key fronts. They planted the seeds the Association is working to nurture and grow in 2024. But the next step needs your help.  
Feb. 08
Product is the Result of Two-Year Professional Working Group Effort
Feb. 06
For many years, The ESOP Association’s National Conference in Washington, DC has served two essential roles for our community. It has been an opportunity for members to upskill their ESOP educations and hear from world-class speakers from the highest levels of business and government. And just as importantly, National Conference has played a key role in ESOP
advocacy as members meet with their Congresspeople and Senators to educate them about our most pressing issues.
In 2024, your participation is more important than ever.
Dec. 28
In case you missed it, CNBC recently published a great article about ESOPs, with commentary by TEA President and CEO Jim Bonham.
Key highlights:
"There is massive new interest in employee ownership from prospective employees, especially younger workers, and from government and political leaders." – Jim Bonham
Dec. 26
The traditional holiday season, stretching from Thanksgiving to the New Year, is upon us, and employee owners are preparing to celebrate a cornucopia of diverse customs and festivities with family, friends, and one another. Some of us are planners while others are gatherers, so whether you are responsible for preparing a Griswald-esque turkey feast, perfecting the ultimate side dish bring-along, showing up your in-laws, or simply just showing up, take a moment to consider how this time of gratitude likewise influences the ESOP community.
Dec. 21
Pictured Above: Northwest 2023 Company of the Year Bob's Red Mill and 2023 Employee Owner of the Year Laura Jaimes
It’s that time of year. TEA’s 19 chapters across the country are now accepting nominations for annual awards!