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Jul. 18
Mid-summer brings with it a regular cadence for most businesses and employees.  For families, school is out, summer programs have begun, and vacations are on the calendar. For many businesses, summertime brings seasonal accelerations as well.  Construction of all types is well under way to hit deadlines while the sun is shining. Hospitality and entertainment are in full swing, as more Americans are out and about in the nice weather.
Jul. 12
NEW Advocacy and Employee Ownership Month (EOM) Resources Exclusively for TEA Members
Join us this summer for two exciting webinar series to help educate our members and promote employee ownership!
Advocacy Webinar Series
Jul. 05
Join Your Fellow ESOP Leaders August 20-22 in Sonoma for TEA’s CEO Summit
If you’re an ESOP CEO or President, you will not want to miss TEA’s second annual CEO Summit! 
The only event of its kind, the CEO Summit brings together the most senior executives of ESOP companies to help you build a network of your peers and address the most timely and big picture topics facing businesses today. 
Here’s how last year’s attendees described the CEO Summit:
Jun. 21
As spring starts to turn to summer with its warmer weather and longer days, it’s always great to spend time with friends, old and new. At TEA, this past spring was full of time spent engaging with our community at our many events and National Conference. 
Jun. 16
The ESOP Association’s National Conference offers a variety of great experiences – culture and communications presentations, roundtables to share and learn with your peers, and an awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of employee owners and professionals across our chapters.  But one other key piece of National Conference is advocacy.
Jun. 14
Lifetime Service Award
Cindy Turcot
Cindy is truly a force of nature – and a force for employee ownership. 
She has been with Gardener’s Supply Company for nearly forty years, serving as COO, President, and for the past two years as CEO and President. 
Jun. 07
Thank you to all the ESOPs and employee owners who joined us in Washington, DC, for TEA’s National 2023 Conference. 
From the feedback we received, it was one of our most fun and productive events in recent years! This year’s theme of Education, Advocacy and Community really hit the mark as we continue to promote education for ESOPs and employee owners at the National Conference. 
May. 31
The history of M. Dyer Global started off with the vision of Medford Dyer back in the late 1960s.  At the time, only a few agents assisted the Department of Defense with logistic services in the Pacific.  He started M. Dyer & Sons in 1968 when his oldest son was still in elementary school.  He purchased a few trucks and a forklift by mortgaging his house, rented a warehouse, and soon after, about a dozen employees joined him to start M. Dyer & Sons.  
May. 24
An ESOP can connect employee actions with company success, but that doesn’t automatically result in employee-owners taking responsibility for the success of the company. Sharing financial information is a critical first step to provide employee-owners with an understanding of how the business is doing. In addition, it’s essential to build people’s financial literacy and create systems for participation that empower employee-owners to act on the financial information shared and positively impact company performance. 
What financial information should you share? 
May. 17
Every spring, a portion of the TEA Board of Directors turns over as terms expire and a new slate of nominees are put before the Association’s membership for election. This spring will also bring forward a biennial change in officers alongside those new faces joining the Board for the first time. Terms will begin on May 1 and last for two years.