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Why Attend National Conference?

The ESOP Association
Tea National Conference with Speakers Kristol and Begala

For many years, The ESOP Association’s National Conference in Washington, DC has served two essential roles for our community. It has been an opportunity for members to upskill their ESOP educations and hear from world-class speakers from the highest levels of business and government. And just as importantly, National Conference has played a key role in ESOP
advocacy as members meet with their Congresspeople and Senators to educate them about our most pressing issues.

In 2024, your participation is more important than ever.

Crucially, ESOPs will be receiving and commenting on a major regulation issued by the U.S. Department of Labor that our community has been seeking for five decades. This new proposed regulation that will describe valuation processes and procedures, as required by Congress, will impact every ESOP in the nation. The DOL has indicated it intends to release this new regulation for public comment between the end of March and the beginning of our conference in early May. 

Please plan to attend to learn more about the DOL proposal, our association’s position, and the impacts it may have on your business. 

Groundbreaking New Market Research

TEA National Conference 2024 will also have a special focus on ESOP Marketing and Communications. The ESOP Association has commissioned a nationwide, quantitative and qualitative research project conducted by leading marketing and communications firms to better understand and shape the value proposition of employee ownership to customers, employees, prospective employees, and the supply chain. We will be sharing the initial results of this important research during the conference, with valuable
takeaways that can immediately be put to use in your business.

  • What is the “employee-owned” brand?
  • How does your identity as an ESOP and an employee-owned business factor into your company’s value proposition?
  • How can you leverage the best aspects of ESOPs and employee ownership into a competitive advantage in marketing, hiring and retention, and public affairs?
  • Do consumers assign higher value when you identify as employee-owned?
  • What does “employee-owned” mean to the average person and how can your business take advantage?

Who Should Attend?

  • ESOP Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Culture and Communications Committee Members
  • HR Professionals
  • ESOP Professionals
  • Anyone Interacting With Customers and the Public Special Discount for Advocacy

Because of the importance of this year’s advocacy component and the release of the new DOL regulation, we are offering a very special discount for those willing to join us for the Association’s annual Advocacy Academy and ESOP Advocacy Day. To ensure maximum participation in these essential activities, we are offering a $250 discount for the first 300 attendees who register for and participate in the Advocacy Academy and ESOP Advocacy Day. That’s more than a 30 percent discount off Early Bird pricing, allowing you to participate in both the conference and
Advocacy Academy for just $550.

Elevate Your ESOP Expertise to New Heights

By attending TEA’s National Conference, you’ll seriously boost your knowledge base, learning from the very best ESOP experts. Get up to date on the latest trends and best practices to strengthen performance across all job functions. Keep abreast of the latest developments across five Learning Tracks and dozens of educational sessions, from “ESOP 101” content to the most advanced and
complex topics.

Make a Real Difference. Join TEA’s Advocacy Efforts. It’s Easy AND Fun.

Do you care about protecting your ESOP and your personal retirement wealth and security? You can do something about it: YOUR participation in the political process can have a direct impact on the future direction of ESOPs and employee ownership in America.

At Advocacy Academy, we’ll give you the tools you need to become an ESOP advocate within your company, your community and in the political process. You’ll hear from some of the nation’s top political and public affairs professionals, who will educate you on the most relevant and timely online and in-person advocacy strategies.

And on May 8, join your fellow employee owners for our annual ESOP Advocacy Day, as hundreds of employee owners from ESOPs across America visit with their representatives in the House and Senate to educate them on our core issues. Hearing how ESOP issues directly affect their constituents is one of the most effective and powerful ways to convince members of Congress to support ESOPs and employee ownership, and we hope you’ll take part.

TEA’s Advocacy Academy is free of charge for attendees
who have enrolled in The ESOP Association’s grassroots Employee Ownership Action Network (EOAN). If you’re not an EOAN member, join today! It’s free and you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest political and legislative developments affecting ESOPs.

New Venue for 2024!

We are excited to announce an all new venue for National Conference! Beginning this year, the event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, a short walk, taxi, or subway ride to all of Washington's world-famous attractions.

The ESOP Association has negotiated a special rate of $309 per night, plus applicable taxes. You must use our secure
online portal and book by April 18 to guarantee your room rate.

Early Bird Registration Ends February 29th!

Register Today >>