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Roundtables at #TEANational2022

Roundtables at #TEANational2022

Don’t miss our great lineup of roundtables, only at TEA National 2022.

CEO Roundtable: Inflation & Its Impact Your Business                                            
Moderator: Derrick Vick

Thursday, May 5 at 10:00 AM

Inflation continues to rise and higher inflation means shrinking buying power. What’s worst, economic indicators suggest inflation won’t be curbed any time soon. How is your company handling inflation and what do you see as the biggest impacts on your business? Are you changing how you handle payroll and/or benefits? Have you had to cut back and what are you cutting? Have you had to make decisions to change your products and/or services and if so, how? Are you seeing any trends? Join this open roundtable discussion to hear what your peers are doing at their companies, how they are managing inflation and share your successes and challenges.


CFO Roundtable: Inflation & Its Impact on Financials                       
Moderators: Robyn Pollina,
Cara Benningfield
Thursday, May 5 at 2:45 pm

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about inflation. From the CFO perspective, what can you do about your company’s margins and profitability over time? Are you considering increasing prices and overall costs for your products and/or services? What factors are you taking into consideration as you prepare projections, prepare for the annual ESOP valuation, and plan for future repurchase obligation? This roundtable is your opportunity to hear from your peers and contribute what solutions you may have to the same challenges we all are facing.


HR Roundtable: Hybrid Office: Is that the Future? 
Moderator: Becky Streif
Thursday, May 5 at 4:00 PM

The pandemic has changed how the office work environment is viewed. In 2020, companies scrambled to continue to conduct business while offices were being shut down. So after two years of working from home, what does the office work environment look like?  Is the hybrid office the “new” normal? Join this roundtable to share your best practices, challenges and what you’ve learned as people come back to the office.


Cyber Security Roundtable
Moderator: Alyson Wilkerson

Friday, May 6 at 9:30 AM

Cyber Security – where do you begin? It’s a big issue with covering everything from malware, hackers, insurance issues, denial of service and specific to ESOPs – new Department of Labor regulations. Sorting through all of this is a challenge and do you know and understand all the risks?  Bring your questions and answers to this roundtable to hear what others are doing and what policies and procedures they have implemented to meet the ever-changing world of cyber security.


HR Roundtable: Recruiting & Retention: Challenges & Best Practices
Moderator: Karen Ellis

Friday, May 6 at 11:00 AM

Is it the Great Resignation? Or are people rethinking what they want out of their career, their life, their future? The pandemic has given everyone pause and it was unsettling. As people begin to go back to work, they are doing so with a fresh and/or different perspective. It’s more than the paycheck. It’s become more about culture, a belief in the company’s mission – and do I want to be a part of it? Join your fellow HR colleagues in an engaging and sharing discussion of how to build on the ESOP culture to retain valuable staff resources and recruit new people. Hear the best of what is working – and what isn’t.


Repurchase & Distribution Policy Roundtable
Moderator: Lori Stuart

Friday, May 6 at 11:00 AM

Have you attended sessions on managing distributions and repurchase obligations and still have questions?  Or do you have knowledge and experience that you can share with other ESOP companies? This roundtable gives you the opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge. We will have an open discussion about paying and managing ESOP benefits.


Challenges of Succession Planning Roundtable
Moderator: Daniel Goldstein

Friday, May 6 at 1:30 PM

Do you have a succession plan? If not – why?  Are you wrestling with trying to decide who to promote? Have you identified someone who has the talent and skills in their current position but you’re not sure they’ve got the talent and skill need to take the next step? Will promoting the person you have in mind or selecting someone from outside affect your company’s morale?  These are challenging questions. Join this roundtable to share your thoughts and experiences and hear what your peers are doing or done to be successful.


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