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New Partnership Launched to Advance Employee Ownership

Paul Pflieger

Today, Project Equity and The ESOP Association (TEA) announced a new partnership designed to amplify employee ownership as a way to preserve businesses, strengthen jobs and build a more resilient post-pandemic economy. This partnership will use new, nationwide state-by-state data to demonstrate for lawmakers the impact of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) and worker cooperatives, particularly in relation to the massive generational shift in business ownership facing the nation, known as the “Silver Tsunami.” Project Equity used its data analysis to create 50 state-specific infographics which will be released as part of The ESOP Association’s 47th National Conference in Washington, DC this week. TEA has scheduled more than 220 individual meetings with Members of Congress and their staff to share the data as well as other legislative and regulatory priorities for the employee ownership community.