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Dec. 07
Congratulations to the 2023 AACE Award Winners!
The AACE Awards honor and celebrate the greatest achievements in ESOP and employee ownership communications.  Communicating and engaging with employee owners and the surrounding community is an essential part of an ESOP's success.  This year’s winners were celebrated at the Employee Owned conference in Las Vegas earlier this month.
Dec. 05
Thank you to everyone who made The ESOP Association’s Employee Owned 2023 one of the largest and greatest gatherings of ESOPs and employee owners in history! With all the positive momentum for ESOPs and employee owners over the last two years, there was a great energy from the crowd throughout the entire three days of EO23, as employee owners convened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for a deep dive into The Future of Work. 
Dec. 01
Welcome to your November Issue of the ESOP Report. This month we've packed the report with tons of articles and news about ESOPs that you won't want to miss!
Inside this Issue:
Nov. 14
I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I make the statement “ESOPs are unique”.  An ESOP is not like other privately held companies, and it’s definitely not like a publicly traded company.  This is because ESOP employees are not just employees, they are also owners.  Owners expect (and deserve) different things from their company and likewise, the company should expect a different level of engagement when sharing ownership.
Nov. 09
This is the third in a series of articles covering components of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) Section 409(p) test, which is specific to S-corporation ESOPs.  The first article discussed the items required for the test, one of which is information on any outstanding synthetic equity awards.  The second article defined and described common forms of synthetic equity for 409(p) purposes.  We recommend that you review these two articles before proceeding, as this article presumes knowledge of the concepts discussed in them.
Nov. 07
Happy Employee Ownership Month! It’s a special time for a special community.  Employee owners nationwide celebrate with tremendous pride. It’s a great time to reflect on the 11 million-plus employee owners in America who not only enjoy the individual benefits that accompany employee ownership, but also the contributions to communities and the social good that employee ownership adds.  We know we have a cause worth celebrating but also one – in the very nature of employee ownership – worth sharing.   
Nov. 02
From Oregon to Massachusetts and from Minnesota to Florida, TEA’s Chapter team logged some serious miles in October, hosting chapter and regional fall conferences across America.
Oct. 31
Happy Employee Ownership Month! It’s been great to see the energy and enthusiasm with which our community is embracing EOM this October, and it seems like every year, more and more ESOPs are getting into the spirit. This year, my social media feeds have been full of ESOPs around the country engaged in fun, informative, and charitable activities promoting the transformative story of employee ownership. 
Oct. 26
Thanks to YOUR efforts, we are very close to reaching our ESOPATHON fundraising goal, with more than $300,000 raised to date! And with one week remaining, there is still time to contribute and help the Employee Ownership Foundation fulfill its critical mission of growing employee ownership in America. Just go to to make your tax-deductible contribution today. It’s easy!
Oct. 25
Welcome to your October Issue of the ESOP Report. This month we've packed the report with tons of articles and news about ESOPs that you won't want to miss!
Inside this Issue: