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Organizations That Support Employee Ownership

The ESOP Association
It might be easier to point out the people and groups that don't support ESOPs, since ESOPs and employee ownership have a long history of attracting support from all sides--left, right, and center. 
Center for American Progress Report

Center for American Progress

The left-leaning think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP), expressed its strong approval of ESOPs in this January 2015 report,which states:

"Employee ownership can be a powerful tool to ensure that workers at all levels are able to share in the gains of a company’s collective performance. Research shows that employee ownership typically provides a host of benefits—not just for workers but also for businesses and investors. If these programs were to grow throughout the economy, they could promote broad-based wealth creation, thereby fostering sustainable economic growth and reducing inequality."

And a January 2015 report of the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity, a group convened by CAP, states:

"Although substantial benefits can accrue to business owners from ESOPs, workers also benefit because they tend to receive higher overall compensation, in part due to increased productivity." 

Having a Stake Report from Third Way

Third Way

The Third Way, a self-professed centrist organization, published a February 2016 paper endorsing ESOPs, stating: 

"...there is evidence that they [ESOPs] provide the incentives for greater effort, more cooperation, more innovation and more sharing – all of which contribute to improvements in workplace performance and company productivity. ESOPs can also increase both firm survival and employment stability and create more harmonious workplaces."

Chamber of Commerce Report supporting ESOPs

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which holds a traditionally conservative view on public policy, endorsed ESOPs in this report, stating that one 

"of the ideas that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed to help our members offer quality retirement benefits to their workers [is to]... promote the benefits of ESOPs and protect them from frivolous litigation and excessive regulation."