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Oct. 17
Whether your employee-owned company is relatively new or well-established, a Culture Committee can be
an important instrument in promoting the benefits of employee ownership. While the benefits are numerous, the logistics of setting up and maintaining a Culture Committee can be daunting.
Oct. 16
Synthetic Equity Series – Part Two of Three
This is the second in a series of articles regarding the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC” or “Code”) Section 409(p) test specific to S-corporation ESOPs. The first article overviewed a list of items required for an IRC 409(p) test, one of which is information on any outstanding synthetic equity awards. This article will define synthetic equity for 409(p) purposes and overview common synthetic equity award forms. The final article in the series will discuss the calculation of values and equivalent shares to complete the 409(p) test.
Oct. 13
Just before Labor Day, employee ownership thought leaders from around the world convened at the historic Oxford University in the United Kingdom for the annual Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership. For the second consecutive year, the Employee Ownership Foundation was proud to be a main sponsor of this important gathering to explore obstacles and opportunities for growing employee ownership worldwide. The overarching purpose of the Symposium is to develop ideas and policies for advancing the cause of employee ownership on a global scale.
Oct. 12
Employee Ownership Month is a great opportunity to spread the word about employee ownership as employee owners nationwide celebrate through a variety of events, company activities, and other activities. In October, employee owners often talk about the sense of pride, the increased retirement security, and the positive workplace cultures that are shared by ESOPs. Many employee-owned companies recognize EOM inside their companies, but it’s equally important to consider raising awareness about employee ownership outside of our companies as well.
Oct. 11
In 2022, TEA held its inaugural CEO Summit to help ESOP leaders grappling with major macroeconomic challenges like inflation and supply chain disruptions. TEA received such a positive response from attendees that it is now an annual event. The 2023 CEO Summit, held in Sonoma, CA in late August, was another great success, with attendance nearly doubling from last year.
Oct. 11
Inside this issue:

A Note From Our President
Chapter Company of the Year

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Oct. 10
Remember, your TEA membership automatically enrolls you in your local chapter, giving you access to TEA’s nationwide network of 19 chapters and providing year-round educational and networking events you can attend close to home. In September, TEA’s fall Chapter and Regional conferences kicked into high gear, with six major events held across the nation.
Oct. 09
ESOPATHON is an employee ownership engagement and fundraising program for the Employee Ownership Foundation, held annually each fall through October’s Employee Ownership Month. 2023 marks the third annual ESOPATHON and each year your effort has grown – and we hope this year is the best yet!
Oct. 06
As we all know, October is Employee Ownership Month, my favorite time of year. It’s a time when ESOPs across the nation celebrate the pride, passion, and unity that we all feel as employee owners. It’s always inspiring and heartening for me to see the many different ways ESOPs engage with employee owners and their communities during EOM. Many ESOPs focus internally, with activities that celebrate their ownership culture and further educate employee owners about the unique value their ESOP provides.
Oct. 05
What will the future of work look like? And how can ESOPs and employee owners play a role in shaping that future?
At EO23 in Las Vegas, we will explore these critical questions with our Main Stage keynote speakers, whose presentations will center around our 2023 theme of "The Future of Work." Join us November 8-10 on our Main Stage at Caesars Palace as we deep dive into concepts that will change your thinking and arm you with the ideas and tools you'll need as the modern, post-pandemic workplace continues evolving in the 21st Century.