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Seth Mattison to Keynote Employee Owned 2019

by Patrick Mirza | Sep 10, 2019
Seth Mattison, an expert on managing organizational transformation, will help organizations understand and navigate digital transformation during his Friday morning Keynote session at Employee Owned 2019.

Any organization seeking guidance on managing its digital transformation will be excited to hear Seth Mattison's Thursday keynote presentation at Employee Owned 2019. Mattison is an international expert who helps category leading brands and high performance leaders navigate the future of work through actionable insights. 

The need for Seth's insights has never been greater. Businesses today are entering the most significant era of global transformation the world has ever known. The boundaries between office and work, customer and supplier, and leader and follower—and the experiences created for customers and employees—are morphing rapidly due to ever evolving digital technologies. 

As a result, today's businesses must remodel themselves to be agile, innovative, and customer and employee-centric at their core. This will require organizational stewards to develop a new set of skills and competencies so they can effectively impact a business' trajectory.

Seth will demystify what Digital Transformation is and unpack the most pressing challenges facing organizations on their path toward a more agile, innovative, and digitally competitive state.

Mattison is the  is the third top-flight keynoter to be scheduled for Employee Owned 2019, joining Sekou Andrews and Erica Dhawan.

Attendees who sign up for Employee Owned 2019 by September 23rd will get to see all three keynoters, while enjoying a significant discount on registration