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AACE and EOM Poster Competitions Now Open

by Patrick Mirza | Aug 19, 2019
Entries are now being accepted for the 2020 AACE and EOM Poster competitions. Read the rules and be aware of three changes for this year's competitions.


The ESOP Association’s competitions for the Annual Award for Communications Excellence (AACE) and the Employee Ownership Month (EOM) Poster are now open and accepting entries.

Interested in participating? Start by downloading a copy of this year’s entry form and rules, which we have modified in aneffort to make entering clearer and simpler than ever. First-time entrants in particular should benefit from the updated descriptions and explanations. 
All entrants will want to review the rules to understand the three changes being made to the competitions. Here is a quick look at what is different.
1) Due to space constraints, only winners and runners up will be displayed at the National Conference. This is a change we had to make last year to improve the experience for all our attendees, and we need to make it again. The National Conference has become so successful—we draw so many attendees and offer so many sessions—that we have outgrown our space in the conference hotel. Making this change provides better traffic flow in multiple areas of the conference, and also enables us to house AACE and EOM Poster entries in a room that can be secured at night. 
2) Judges will consider in their evaluation of entries the correct use of Association branded elements. What is the correct way to use Association branding—such as The ESOP Association logo? Copy and scale it exactly as it appears in the original. Why is this so important? Under copyright law, if we as a community use these items inconsistently, we risk losing legal protection over them. 
3) If you would like to have your AACE entry returned to you, please be prepared to pay the shipping charges. For years we have paid the freight to return entries, but these competitions have become so popular that it has become too costly to continue this practice. As you prepare your entry, ask yourself if you need to include items that must be returned. If not, you may be able to let us dispose of it after the conference and save yourself the cost of shipping. 
Download your copy of the new rules and entry form today. Be sure to save the entry form to your computer, type in your answers, save the form, and attached it an e-mail sent to