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Texas House Bill Hearing Scheduled

by Paul Pflieger | Apr 05, 2019
TX House Bill 1198 hearing set for Monday, April 8. Show your support today!

Earlier this week a public hearing was scheduled in the Texas State Affairs Committee for Monday, April 8th

The ESOP Association supports this legislation and is encouraging you to send messages to the 13 committee members to ensure the bills get a vote out of committee. (Click here for the letter of support The ESOP Association sent to all members of the committee - the list of committee members are below).
House Bill 1198 and Senate Bill 1650:
  • Allow a professional corporation to organize as ESOPs as long as all of the voting trustees are licensed.

  • Establish the Employee Ownership Assistance Office in the Office of the Governor / Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office.

  • Allow certified HUBs to transition to an ESOP structure without forfeiting HUB status.

  • Create contracting preferences for ESOPs for the state, cities, counties, and special districts.

There are more than 5,000 companies in the United States that are employee owned and Texas has the second highest amount with 450+, but with your help more Texans and our legislators will learn about this better way of doing business and we’ll all benefit.


Texas House State Affairs 13 Committee Members: 

 CHAIRMAN: Rep. Dade Phelan 
(512) 463-0706

VICE CHAIR: Rep. Ana Hernandez
(512) 463-0614

Rep. Joe Deshotel
(512) 463-0662

Rep. Bobby Guerra
(512) 463-0578

Rep. Sam Harless
(512) 463-0496

Rep. Justin Holland
(512) 463-0484

Rep. Todd Hunter
(512) 463-0672
Rep. Phil King
(512) 463-0738

Rep. Tan Parker
(512) 463-0688

Rep. Richard Pena Raymond
(512) 463-0558

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez
(512) 463-0674

Rep. John Smithee
(512) 463-0702

Rep. Drew Springer
(512) 463-0526