2018 Press Kit Now Available

by The ESOP Association | Aug 16, 2018
The newly updated Press Kit offers you more information and communication insights in a more interactive, concise, and user-friendly format. Exclusively for ESOP Association members.

The 2018 Press Kit is now available online, exclusively for members of The ESOP Association! Use it to help you plan your communications and events for Employee Ownership Month and all throughout the year. 

This year's kit has been significantly updated from last year's. It is: 

  • More concise while including lots of new content and insights.
  • Easier to read, with much of the content rewritten and re-edited.
  • Designed to help you keep informed on the latest communication trends and messages be sharing at the national level by The ESOP Association.
  • More interactive, with links that will take you directly to relevant content within the document and on the Internet.

Be sure to sign in to the website and get your copy today! ​