Get Tips on Leading Your ESOP

by The ESOP Association | Feb 15, 2018
Executives at ESOP companies face unique challenges. Fortunately, a unique program can help them master the skills needed to maximize the value of their ESOP.
Leading an ESOP company can be a unique experience with challenges unlike those faced at conventionally owned businesses.

Fortunately, executives at ESOP companies have a great resource to help them tackle those challenges. 

Leading in an Ownership Setting: The Program for CEOs is designed specifically for top executives at ESOP companies. This in-depth two-week program (one week takes place in July, one in November) offers special expertise and insights into leading ESOP companies. Learn from the guest speakers and from your fellow ESOP executives in an exclusive, small-group setting. 

Best of all, the learning doesn't end when the program does. Alumni stay in touch and form an invaluable network that engages in ongoing conversations and networking. 

For more information, visit the Leading in an Ownership Setting page on this website.