Chapters Add More Roundtables

by The ESOP Association | Jul 10, 2017

Attend a meeting of one of The ESOP Association’s 18 chapters this year and you will be more likely than ever to gather around a table, networking with and learning from your peers. That’s a response from each of the individual chapters and not a change coordinated at the national level, says Chapter Development Officer Dan Marcue.

“While the national office provides support for the chapters and encourages the sharing of best practices among them, they are free to develop the content that best meets the needs of local members,” says Marcue. “I do see more roundtables this year, and I think that shows the members are letting chapter leaders know that they find value in this kind of meeting.”

Chapter meetings are vibrant events that seek to adapt to members’ changing needs, says Marcue. And for the programs to work best, they need feedback from members. To share your reactions to programs at your chapter, visit your chapter webpage at and contact any of the officers listed.

To see a list of all upcoming chapter meetings, visit