Make the Most of TEA Online

by The ESOP Association | Oct 14, 2016
If your experience using The ESOP Association’s website is not all you want it to be, there may be a quick and easy solution: Try opening a different browser. 

Lately, some members have told us they have run into issues using the website, and the common denominator seems to be Internet Explorer. When members switch to a different browser, the problems go away. 

So which browsers seem to work best? So far Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox appear to provide the most seamless surfing experience on our site. So if your online experience starts to become clunky, using one of those browsers might solve the problem. 

Is this kind of situation unusual? Not really. Some browsers often will work a little better than others with a given site.  

We’ll monitor the situation and provide updates as needed. In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact us at