New Log in Takes Members to New Website Features

by The ESOP Association | Jun 22, 2016

The ESOP Association’s recently upgraded website and back end system are ready and waiting for you! If you haven’t taken the new system for a spin yet, here are the details on how to get in, and what great new features to look for once you are there.

How do I log in?

To enter the new system, you will need three pieces of information:

1. The new log in location -- -- which takes you directly to your new profile and account information.

2. Your username, which is the e-mail address you provided to The ESOP Association.

3. Your password, which is a new, seven character password generated by our system. New passwords were sent to all members e-mail and letter in late June.

If you didn’t get your password, or lost it, just visit the URL above and click the Forgot Password link.


What new features are available?

Click to your account information online and you now have access to several new and improved features.

Keep track of all your purchases, receipts, invoices, and event registrations—in one convenient location. Ever wonder which chapter or national event you booked, or about the name of that great publication you ordered last month? Never wonder again. Now all your information is stored in one easy-to-access location—in your profile. (Another way to access this information is by visiting the ESOP Store and clicking on My Account.)

Build a profile, network with other ESOP Association members. Add links that connect to your website, your social media accounts, and more. Quickly find your peers in other ESOP companies.

Easily update your personal information online. Get promoted? Share your new title with other members of The ESOP Association. Company moved? Change your address so you never miss an issue of the ESOP Report.

Rapidly register yourself or multiple people for one or more ESOP Association events. Now you can use a faster, easier process to register multiple people from your organization for chapter or national meetings. And you can track all those registrations more easily too.

Have any feedback for us? If you like what you see, or you spot a problem, let us know at