Missy McManigle of Walman Optical Company Named 2011 Employee Owner of the Year by The ESOP Association

by The ESOP Association | May 12, 2011

May 12, 2011 (Washington, DC) – Missy McManigle of Walman Optical Company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been named the 2011 Employee Owner of the Year by The ESOP Association.  The award was presented at the Association’s 34th Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  The ESOP Association is the national trade association for companies with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and the leading voice in America for employee ownership. 

Ms. McManigle does everything with an eye toward customers and co-workers, with an emphasis on the ownership aspect which has helped foster the company’s ownership culture.  An active member, and chairperson, of the company’s ESOP Communication Committee, she’s instrumental in putting together Employee Ownership Month activities, designing and publishing a quarterly newsletter, developing, editing, and designing an employee owner manual, and coordinating efforts for the company’s Wellness Committee.  She also takes time to encourage her fellow employee owners to get to know each other through a yearbook program that allows individuals to submit information about themselves and get to know each other better.  Ms. McManigle is actively involved with The ESOP Association, attending both Chapter events and national conferences, and has been instrumental in arranging visits with Congressional representatives for members from her region.

“Missy is the type of person you want as an advocate for your cause.  She knows her facts but is able to offer more than just that --- Missy can put a face on a fact,” said J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association President.  “She is a true leader and a great supporter of the employee ownership cause and not just at her company.  She also met with members of Congress to help spread our message.  Missy competed against 16 of the Association’s Employee Owner of the Year Chapter winners for this award and her winning is testimony to her special commitment to making ownership very real for her co-workers.”

The core cause of The ESOP Association is the belief that employee ownership will improve American competitiveness, increase productivity through greater employee participation, and strengthen our free enterprise economy.