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Video Library

The ESOP Association's YouTube channel has a list of Association videos and additional ESOP Association company videos will be added to this page.

What we're sharing here are videos by ESOP companies that provide a laugh, some thoughtful introspection on being part of an ESOP company, and the benefits of being employee owned.  There are also a few policy based videos as well that bring a different perspective to the viewing.  In the spirit of sharing the ESOP message, we thought we’d link to a few videos and let you see for yourself what a creative bunch ESOP people are.  Keep in mind, this is just a sample, there are MANY more out there.



At the ESOP Association Annual Conference held in Washington, DC in May 2015, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to Association members at a breakfast meeting about the value of ESOPs and employee ownership in America. You can watch the video below. Special thanks to Beth Fitz-Gerald for sharing the video with the Association.


We also wanted to share a video of President Ronald Reagan talking about ESOPs and employee ownership. According to the video description, members of the Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) initiated bipartisan support for legislation that established the Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice under President Reagan. This video, from 1987, shows the delivery of that Presidential Task Force Report to President Reagan and his rema
rks on employee ownership and capitalism. Watch the Center for Economic and Social Justice video below. 

Other Videos:

Senator Kelly Ayotte speaking to The ESOP Association's New England Chapter's Super Regional Board of Directors/Trustees Conference

Senator Mitch McConnell's Address to Attendees of The ESOP Association's Annual Conference

Representative Erik Paulsen’s Opening Remarks at ESOP Midwest Conference

If you’re a member of The ESOP Association and would like us to highlight your video here on The ESOP Association’s website and on the Employee Ownership Blog, please send an email to with a link to the video.