About the 42nd National Conference

A Focus on ESOP Communications & Culture

The National Conference attracts employee owners from all levels, top association volunteer leaders from across the nation, and expert professionals ready to share their experiences. While there is ample opportunity to learn on an array of topics, The National Conference educational sessions place a special emphasis on culture and communications, offering over 25 sessions and speakers in this area alone. Other sessions unique to the National Conference includes Round Tables and our Board of Directors track, both of which offer opportunities for specialized, peer-to-peer learning and networking. And the National Conference is the only place to see our Chapter Showcase, highlighting prominent sessions from our national network of 18 engaged and engaging chapter members.

During the general assemblies, conference attendees can expect to hear directly from some of the most powerful elected leaders in the country. Senators, Representatives, and members of the President’s Cabinet have addressed sessions of the conference. TEA also hosts nationally recognized thought leaders and experts from outside the employee ownership community, who share useful insights and apply those lessons to the employee ownership model.

A Historic Gathering, With Purpose

Held annually in mid- to late-May to coincide with the Congressional work schedule, attendees have made countless visits to their representatives, federal regulators, and appointed officials in the White House and Executive Branch agencies. The leaders of our 18 chapters work with TEA’s national professional staff to coach, assist, and prepare attendees for these irreplaceable advocacy touchpoints. This effort has been an important part of the successful passage and protection of every major legislative accomplishment benefiting ESOPs since the original legislation incentivizing their use. Because of its special 501(c)(6) status, The ESOP Association remains the only organization in the nation with a mission to support all ESOPs that is legally permitted to lobby the Congress and White House. The National Conference is a key ingredient to that effort.

A Special Evening Like No Other, The AACE Awards

Included in the conference registration is your ticket for the 27th Annual ESOP Awards Banquet, an event comparable to the Grammy’s for ESOPs! This semi-formal gala recognizes companies that excel at communicating with employee owners and the larger community about ESOPs. During this special evening, national awards also are presented to the National Employee Owner of the Year and National Company of the Year, among others. The entry and volunteer judging process for these awards consumes several months and the winners receive national recognition throughout the ESOP community, in their local communities and industries, and with their customers. This is a special night to celebrate the best of the ESOP community.

A Cosmopolitan City That Swells Your Patriotism

Despite our nation’s sometimes polarizing politics, it is hard to visit Washington, DC without feeling pride in our nation’s amazing heritage and in the invaluable role employee ownership can play in the lives of our fellow Americans. Walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol building while educating our nation’s leaders about the role ESOPs can play in our nation’s future is both inspiring and humbling.

After spending their days learning from peers and experts—and educating their elected officials about ESOPs—many conference attendees board our buses for a special night-time guided tour of the most inspiring monuments. And, of course, Washington has become a recognized destination for some of the best restaurants, nightlife, and sporting events in the world.