We are all so proud of our employee owners and how engaged they can be. But sometimes, there are things that can only be handled at the top. Our new Chief Executive Series is designed for those in our most important leadership roles and creates a forum where you can build a network of peers to consult well into the future.

High Level Learning With Your Peers

With 11 sessions and round tables for Chief Executives only, you will have the chance to learn from national experts about major hot topics such as trade wars and tariffs, capturing enterprise value through external affairs, and corporate citizenship. 

Our general session Keynote Speakers have also all agreed to conduct a private, hour long sessionas part of this series where you can further discuss their areas of expertise directly and how their expertise can be applied to employee owned companies. 

And don’t forget about the new Executive Lounge and Business center, where you can network throughout the conference and have a safe harbor to get away from the distractions.

Best of all, this new experience is entirely flexible and customizable – come to one and then go to other sessions as you wish...or attend them all and skip the rest of the conference. You’re the boss. No additional fees and no reservations are needed - just your name badge will be all that is necessary to take your seat at the table.

Please Note: The Chief Executive Series is for CEOs and Presidents of ESOP Companies only and is included in the price of registration. If you are interested, please let us know by answering the question during registration. 

Nov. 14, 11:00 - 12:00—Capturing Value for the Enterprise from a Modern External Affairs Organization

Sep 19, 2019, 10:32 AM
Facilitator Name : Jay Vincent
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One of the leading and most sought-after experts on external affairs, Jay will layout the challenges experienced by companies today in the communities where they operate or plan to operate. Participants will see how a more interested and influential public is capable of impacting both social license to operate, as well as reputation and brand. Through that lens, Jay will lay out the best practices for navigating the public and communities in this more complex and connected world. Participants will leave the conference ready to improve the way they engage, track, and respond to the communities that intersect their organizations.
Jay Vincent is a management consultant who advises some of the nation’s largest organizations and companies on effectively engaging the public and their stakeholders in a world transformed from enhanced connectivity. His core expertise is developing and implementing stakeholder engagement programs for businesses and organizations that must convert key organizational and external stakeholders into meaningful and persuasive advocates. His work has spanned more than a dozen business sectors and has involved establishing major energy projects, “big box” stores, and massive and nationally impactful infrastructure projects.
Jay Vincent, CEO Sessions Keynote Speaker at Employee Owned 2019