ESOP Report

Archived Issues of the ESOP Report (.pdf format)

2017 Issues of the ESOP Report

EO Firms Dramatically Better at Retention

Time for Change at the Labor Department

2017 October ESOP Report cover
Responding to a Hurricane, the ESOP Way

SJE-Rhombus: ESOP Company of the Year

2017 Employee Owner of the Year

ESOPs: A Truly American Invention

Can ESOPs Help Keep Companies in Business in New York City?

Large, High-Energy Crowds Share the Love for ESOPs at the Annual Conference


Pro-ESOP Bill Introduced in House

ESOPs: The Answer for Retaining Jobs?

A Cure for Political Disagreement 


Big Changes, New Programs in Store for TEA's 2017 Annual Conference 


2016 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2016
Results of Economic Performance Survey Now Available to Members

November 2016
ESOP Association Members Ensure That Employee Ownership Month Is a Big Hit

October 2016
Faster, Easier Process for Entering AACE, EOF Poster Competitions in 2017

September 2016
What Does Employee Ownership Look Like?

August 2016
How to Host Elected Officials On Site

July 2016
The Employee Owner Who Met the President

May/June 2016
2016 ESOP Company of the Year: King Arthur Flour

April 2016 
Keep the ESOP Fires Burning Brightly

March 2016
DOL Subpoena Approach Comes Under Scrutiny

February 2016 
House Hearing Highlights Benefits of ESOPs

January 2016 
ESOPs: Naturally Built for Innovation?

2015 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2015
2015 Dec ESOP Report Final

November 2015
Some ESOPs Get More Attractive 
to Workers; Las Vegas Conference Coverage

October 2015 
Employee Ownership 
Month-long Celebration Begins

September 2015 
Employee Ownership Month 2015:
Download Your Press & Event Planning Kit Today!

August 2015 
ESOP Co-Sponsors and the Numbers

July 2015 
News from the Employee Ownership Foundation:

Jobs Remain Stable in Employee Stock Ownership 
Sector of Economy

June 2015 
2015 Spring Advocacy Kits are Available

May 2015 
Pro-ESOP Bill, H.R. 2096, Introduced in House;
Pro-ESOP Bill, S. 1212, Introduced in Senate

April 2015 
An ESOP Question Answered

March 2015 
The Department of Labor Seeks Comments on Proposed Regulation 
on the Definition of Adequate Consideration

February 2015 
Reports Are the Department Of Labor Will Not Mandate 
ESOP Appraisers Be ERISA Fiduciaries 

January 2015 
2015 AACE Awards --- 
Deadline: February 17, 2015

2014 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2014
2015 AACE Awards --- What You Need to Know

November 2014
Employee Ownership Month 2014

October 2014 
Employee Ownership Month --- the Story of ESOPs
Month-long Celebration Begins October 1st

September 2014
Employee Ownership Foundation News:
ESOP Companies Report Economic Growth in 2013

August 2014
Download Your 2014 Employee Ownership Month Press & Event Planning Kit 

July 2014
Coverage of the Supreme Court ESOP Case

June 2014
Pro-ESOP Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate and
U.S. House of Representatives in June 2014

May 2014
Louis O. Kelso Fellows Chosen by Rutgers University

April 2014
ESOPs Debated at the Supreme Court

March 2014
Government Affairs Update

February 2014
The ESOP Association Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Case

January 2014
2014 AACE Awards --- Deadline Reminder

2013 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2013
2014 AACE Awards --- Official Call for Entries

November 2013
Employee Ownership Month 2013 --- A Successful October!

October 2013
Employee Ownership Month Begins

September 2013
ESOP Companies Report Economic Growth in 2013

August 2013
ESOP Association President Participates in
Senate Small Business Committee Tax Roundtable

July 2013
Senator Kelly Ayotte Seeks Cosponsors for S.273;
Named 2013 ESOP Advocate of the Year

June 2013
Pro-ESOP Bill Introduced in the House

May 2013
Senator Sanders Questions Treasury Secretary Regarding ESOP
Proposal in the President’s 2014 Budget

April 2013
The Association Submits Comments on Tax Reform

March 2013
Senator Kelly Ayotte Renews Work to Protect Employee Ownership: Introduces Pro-ESOP Bill, S. 273

February 2013
Do You Know the ESOP Advocates?

January 2013
FOUNDATION NEWS Research Indicates ESOPs
Save Federal Government Billions Due to Fewer Layoffs

2012 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2012
2013 Annual Awards for Communications Excellence (AACE)

November 2012
The ESOP Association Launches New Website

October 2012
Employee Ownership Community Celebrates!

September 2012
ESOP Companies Report Positive Economic Upturn in 2011

August 2012
Employee Ownership Month 2012 - Celebrate This October

July 2012
Senator Sanders’s Dear Colleague Letter in Support of ESOPs and Employee Ownership Makes Rounds in the Senate

June 2012
ESOP Super Champion, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Seeks Allies to Protect ESOPs

May 2012
Annual Conference 2012 – Where the ESOP Community Meets

April 2012
The ESOP Association Announces 2012 Silver ESOP Award Recipients

March 2012
The ESOP Association Submits Comments to House Ways and Means Committee on Tax Reform

February 2012 
FOUNDATION NEWS - Employee Owners’ Jobs More Stable in a Nervous Economy

January 2012
ESOP Advocates – A Record?

2011 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2011
Employee Ownership Month a Success!

November 2011
Know the Game Plan: Execute It. Win!

October 2011
Department of Labor Delays Action on Proposed Regulation on Definition of a Fiduciary; Congressional Push Against DOL Proposal

September 2011
Pro-ESOP Bill Introduced in Senate

August 2011
Indiana Freshman Congressman Speaks Out for ESOPs, Strongly

July 2011
ESOP Advocates – Do You Know Who They Are?

June 2011
ESOP Advocates Lead the Way on Capitol Hill

May 2011
ESOPs Make Appearance at a House Ways and Means Committee Hearing

April 2011
The ESOP Association Announces 2011 Silver ESOP Award Recipients

March 2011
The ESOP Association Testifies at Department of Labor Hearing on “Definition of a Fiduciary”

February 2011
The ESOP Association Submits Comments to the Department of Labor on the Proposed Regulation, “Definition of the Term Fiduciary”
Association’s Request to Testify Granted

January 2011
Vermont Senators Leahy and Sanders Ask DOL for Public Hearing --- Get Response

2010 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2010
ESOP Association Members Celebrate Employee Ownership Month

November 2010
ESOP Association Members Reach Out to Members of Congress

October 2010
This October, Celebrate Employee Ownership Month

September 2010
Senator Bernard Sanders Holds Vermont Hearing on Employee Ownership

August 2010
Senator Olympia Snowe Co-Sponsors S. 1612 - The ESOP Promotion and Improvement Act of 2009

July 2010
Congressional Company Visits Highlight Importance of ESOPs

June 2010
ESOP Association Chapters and Members Take to the Hill During Annual Conference

May 2010
Congressmen Boustany and Pomeroy Introduce H.R. 5207

April 2010
The ESOP Association Announces 2010 Silver ESOP Honorees

March 2010
State Treasurer Mourdock Working to Make ESOPs a Priority in Indiana

February 2010
President Obama’s 2011 Budget is Released — What Role Do ESOPs Play?

January 2010
Senator Sanders and Colleagues Propose New, and Effective, Ideas to Save American Jobs

2009 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2009
Year-End Legislative Update: New Co-Sponsors for ESOP Bills

November 2009
Congressman Hinchey Introduces Concurrent Resolution Expressing Continued House Support for ESOPs

October 2009
ESOP Community Celebrates Employee Ownership Month!

September 2009
New Pro-ESOP Promotion Proposal Introduced in Senate

July/August 2009
ESOP Association Members Make Most Out of Congressional Visits

June 2009
ESOP Association Members Make Trip to Capital Hill During Annual Conference in May

May 2009
The ESOP Association Seats New Officers and At-Large Board Members

April 2009
The ESOP Association Announces 2009 Silver ESOP Award Winners

March 2009
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Introduces H.R. 692

February 2009
Employee Ownership Fellows Chosen by Rutgers University - Employee Ownership Foundation Provides Grant Money for Fellowship Program

January 2009
White Paper on Recommended Procedure for ESOP Companies in Response to Auditors Request for ESOP Valuation Report Released by The ESOP Association’s Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues

2008 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2008

2008 Employee Ownership Month Celebrations Abound

November 2008
Foundation Reaches $50,000 Goal at Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show

October 2008
Clear Cut ESOP Champions in 110th Congress: 2007-2008

September 2008
Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain Releases Statement on ESOPs

August 2008
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Introduces H.R. 6419

June/July 2008
The ESOP in 2028: What Does the Future Hold

May 2008
Activism by ESOP Advocates Saves the Day

April 2008
The ESOP Association Announces Silver ESOP Award Winners

March 2008
The ESOP Association Partners with Benefit Groups and Business Trade Associations to Publish Revenue Scoring Paper

February 2008
The Employee Ownership Foundation and University of Pennsylvania to Hold Roundtable Conversation on Employee Ownership

January 2008
The ESOP Association to Celebrate 30 Years of Service in 2008

2007 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2007

Employee Ownership Foundation Releases Report on Reasons for ESOP Terminations

November 2007
Why Now?

October 2007
House Ways and Means Committee Chair Proposes Harsh Taxes on Synthetic Equity in S ESOP Companies. 

September 2007
89% of Companies State ESOPs are Good Business. 

August 2007 
Reduce Number of ESOPs to Make U.S. More Competitive: What Kind of Thinking is This! 

June/July 2007 
ESOP Companies & the Community: See what our members do to serve the communities they are a part of

May 2007
Senator Blanche L. Lincoln Introduces ESOP Promotion and Improvement Act of 2007

April 2007
Tribune Company and ESOPs - A Lot of Talk About Ownership

March 2007
Employee Ownership Foundation Releases Data on Shared Capitalism

February 2007
Minnesota Employee Owners Take Lead in Employee Ownership Promotion

December 2006/January 2007
Chapters - Why They Are So Important to the ESOP Cause

2006 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2006/January 2007
Chapters - Why They Are So Important to the ESOP Cause

November 2006
Employee Ownership Foundation Reaches $1 Million Endowment Goal with Houchens Industries Donation of $100,000

October 2006
Prestigious Economic Think Tank Holds Symposium on Shared Capitalism

September 2006
Cummins-Wagner: How One Employee Owner Makes the ESOP PAC Real

August 2006
Influential Federal Judge Belittles ESOPs: Calls for Congress to Act

June/July 2006
Acadian Ambulance Service, Cajun and ESOP Pride, Overcoming Challenges Beyond Comprehension

May 2006
Claremont Flock Wins 2006 Employee Ownership Month Poster Contest

April 2006
Employee Owners Step Up to the Plate

March 2006
Goodlatte and Ryan Co-Sponsor H. R. 3111

February 2006
The ESOP Association Submits Testimony to Joint Small Business Subcommittee Hearing

December 2005/January 2006
ESOP Super Champions – Congresswoman Nancy L. Johnson and Senator Blanche L. Lincoln

2005 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2005/January 2006
ESOP Super Champions – Congresswoman Nancy L. Johnson and Senator Blanche L. Lincoln

November 2005
Employee Ownership Community in State of Disbelief

October 2005
TS. 1319 and H.R. 3111 Find Support in Congress
The ESOP Promotion & Improvement Act of 2005

September 2005
The ABCs of ESOPs - Do Your Employee Owners Know All They Can About ESOPs?

August 2005
Important ESOP Legislation Introduced

June/July 2005
Creating A Solid Foundation—The ESOP Chapter Movement

May 2005
2005 Employee Ownership Month Poster Unveiled at 28th Annual Conference!

April 2005
The ESOP Association Speaks at Internal Revenue Service Hearing Regarding 409 (p) Regulations

March 2005
The ESOP Association Joins Other Leading Benefits Organizations in Filing Amicus Brief in ‘Stock Drop’ Case

February 2005
THE OWNERSHIP SOCIETY -What Can Be Done to Ensure ESOPs are Part of the Discussion

January 2005
Former Senator John Breaux Appointed to President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

2004 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2004
What the Association Has In Store for 2005

November 2004
Onward and Upward

October 2004
President Bush Signs American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 Which Contains the S Corporation ESOP Provision

September 2004
Presidential Candidates Miss Golden Opportunityin Ownership Debate

August 2004
Employee Ownership Proves to be ‘Good’Business Decision

July 2004
Featured Sponsors of ESOP Legislation

June 2004
Featured Sponsors of ESOP Legislation

May 2004
Annual Conference a Big Hit in DC!

April 2004
Senator John Breaux (D-LA) IntroducesPro-ESOP Legislation

March 2004
The ESOP Association Website Is One Stop Shop For All Your ESOP Needs

February 2004
Survey Finds Over 80% of People Who HoldCompany Stock Satisfied with Financial Situation

January 2004
Important Federal Court Decision Reaffirms EarlierDecision That ESOP Fiduciaries Hold CompanyStock Absent Unusual Development

2003 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2003
Two Top Democratic Contenders for Presidential Nomination Send Strong Pro-ESOP Message

November 2003
ESOP Association and University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Organizational Dynamics Partner in Unique Employee Ownership Leader Program

October 2003
Deloitte & Touche Research Provides Governance Benchmarks for ESOP Companies

September 2003
Impact of FAS 150

August 2003
Survey Reveals Association Members Outperformed Stock Markets in 2002

July 2003
DOL Sues Enron for Failing to Dump Company Stock from its K-SOP and ESOP

June 2003
ESOP Association Chair Testifies Before Congress

May 2003
ESOP Community Saddened by Death of Senator Russell Long (D-LA)

April 2003
Congressman Ballenger Opens Drive for Presidential Commission on Employee Ownership

March 2003
Prestigious Voices Blast ESOPs

February 2003
President Bush Proposes Far-Reaching Tax Reforms

January 2003
2003 ESOPAssociation Preview

2002 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2002
ESOP PAC Makes and Receives Record Contributions in 2002

November 2002
Chances for 2002 Enron-ERISA Legislation Wane

October 2002
Strategic Plan Avaliable to Members

September 2002
October is Employee Ownership Month (EOM)!

August 2002
Survey Reveals Association Members Outperform Stock Markets in 2001

July 2002
Senate Finance Committee Passes Enron-ERISA Reform Legislation

June 2002
Chapter Officers/A-Team Receive Warm Welcome on Capitol Hill

May 2002
"Silver Lining" to Enron?

April 2002
House Passes First Enron-ERISA Legislation

March 2002
Enron-ERISA Legislation Passes Three Congressional Committees

February 2002
President Proposes Pension Reform For K-SOPs, 401(k) Plans

January 2002
Anti-Company Stock Legislation Proliferates in Congress

2001 Issues of the ESOP Report

November/December 2001 
Foundation's Voice is heard!

October/November 2001
Stand Your Post

September 2001
On the Road to Successful EOM Celebrations

August 2001
Companies Happy with ESOPs Increased Productivity and Performance in 2000

July 2001
An Overview: Retirement Plan Provisions Contained in New Tax Law

June 2001
Congress Passes New ERISA Laws: President Bush to Sign

May 2001
Foundation Helps Fund Research Proving ESOP Companies Do Better

2001 Special Conference Edition
Front / Back

April 2001
A Cyberspace Call to Arms for Portman-Cardin

March 2001
Comprehensive Survey Reveals Surprising and Positive Benchmarks

February 2001
Portman, Cardin Commit to Push Hard for ERISA Reforms

2000 Issues of the ESOP Report

December 2000/January 2001
Congress Fails to Enact Tax Bill Beneficial To ERISA Plans, ESOPs

November/December 2000
Washington Stalemate Stalls ESOP Legislation!

October 2000
Breaux Delivers Pro-ESOP Agenda Again!

September 2000
Two New Association Programs for Employee Ownership Month

August 2000
House Passes Two Pro-ESOP Proposals In Pension Bill

July 2000
ESOP PAC Breaks Contribution Record

June 2000
Employee Owners Garner 11 New Cosponsors to Pro-ESOP Bill

May 2000
Board Adjusts Chapter Policy