Colin M. Henderson of the Strategic Investment Counsel Corp. Receives Membership Recruitment Award from The ESOP Association

by The ESOP Association | May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 (Washington, DC) – Colin M. Henderson of the Strategic Investment Counsel Corp. located in Dallas, Texas, has been presented with the 2010 Membership Recruitment Award for a Professional Member by The ESOP Association.  The award was presented at the Association’s 33rd Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  The ESOP Association is the national trade association for companies with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and the leading voice in America for employee ownership.

Mr. Henderson is an officer of the Southwest Chapter and has been involved with the ESOP community for many years.  His commitment to employee ownership is evident in the work he does not only for The ESOP Association but also the Southwest Chapter. 

“Colin has done a tremendous job encouraging ESOP companies to join the Association and promoting our cause,” said J. Michael Keeling, president of The ESOP Association.  “It is my pleasure to present him with this award for all the work he has done to further the cause of employee ownership.”

The core cause of The ESOP Association is the belief that employee ownership will improve American competitiveness, increase productivity through greater employee participation, and strengthen our free enterprise economy.