Northwest Chapter - Energize Your ESOP (Boise, ID)

  • Dates: 28 – 28 Oct, 2016
  • Location: Boise, ID
  • Contact: Jenifer McDonald
  • Email:
  • Phone: 916-634-4201
October 28, 2016

Northwest Chapter
Energize ​Your ​ESOP! ​- Boise
​Idaho ​State ​History ​Center.
2205 Old Penitentiary Rd. 
Boise, Idaho 83712

Friday, ​October ​28, ​2016 

10:00 ​a.m. ​- ​2:00 ​p.m.

10:00 ​a.m. ​- ​Registration, ​networking, ​food ​and ​beverage
Welcome ​& ​Introductions
Judy ​Sletten, ​Payroll ​Administrator, ​Sletten ​Construction ​Company ​and ​Northwest ​Chapter ​President

10:30 ​a.m. ​- ​Noon ​- ​Program: ​Stock ​Price ​Matters
Speaker: ​Donny ​Springer, ​ASA, ​Columbia ​Financial ​Advisors, ​Inc.
Understanding ​the ​company’s ​stock ​price ​is ​imperative ​to ​a ​thriving ​ownership ​culture. ​Donny ​will ​guide ​a ​discussion ​addressing ​common ​misperceptions ​about ​stock ​valuation ​and ​tips ​for ​increasing ​employee ​engagement ​in ​the ​process.

Noon: ​
Networking ​and ​​lunch ​

1:00 ​p.m. ​- ​2:00 ​p.m.
Roundtable ​Discussions
Moderated ​by ​Kim ​Blaugher, ​Vice ​President, ​Principal ​Financial ​Group

The ​day ​prior, ​those ​interested ​may ​take ​a ​free ​tour ​of ​the ​Old ​Idaho ​Penitentiary.

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For More information contact the Northwest Chapter of The ESOP Association - phone 916-634-4201