State & Regional Chapter Officers 

State and Regional Chapters serve as a vehicle to extend and enhance the benefits of membership in The ESOP Association on a local level. Chapters promote programs to exchange ideas and improve the professionalism of employee owners at all levels of the ESOP company. Chapters support understanding of employee ownership through ESOP's, as well as supporting grassroots lobbying efforts. State chapters expand opportunities to learn ways from neighboring ESOP companies to increase productivity and to learn effective methods for employee involvement in the successful operations of an ESOP company.

There are over 120 Chapter Officer Volunteers Representing the 18 Chapters of The ESOP Association. Every Chapter Officer is a member of the State and Regional Chapter Council, which meets yearly, in May at the Association's Annual Conference.

The State and Regional Chapter Council has a special responsibility to support the growth and development of Chapters of The ESOP Association as a means of advancing the growth of employee ownership in America.  

In addition to supporting the growth of local chapters, the State and Regional Chapter Council assists in the development of Human Side of ESOP's program topics for the Association's Annual Conference. The opportunity to develop these topic recommendations and the speakers to present them gives the Council a significant voice in programming at the National level.