Press Kits

  1. What is a media press kit?
    1. A packet of information about your company you give to a reporter to provide her/him with background on your company and/or industry.
  2. Types of information to include:
    1. Most recent company newsletter, marketing materials, or brochures about your company
    2. Recent press releases (1 or 2 at most)
    3. Recent news articles about the company
    4. Fact sheet about the company and/or industry
    5. Fact sheet about ESOPs
    1. (You can get this information from The ESOP Association website (ESOP Statistics page) under Explore at the top of the page or by contacting the Communications Department at
  1. Put all of the information, such as press releases and fact sheets, on company letterhead.
  2. Put all of the information into a folder or packet.  This information can also be assembled electronically as a PDF file.  Ask the reporter how he/she prefers to receive the information.
  3. Make sure to include contact information in case a reporter has follow-up questions.