To move America toward our Vision, it is imperative The ESOP Association play a strong advocacy role in communities and cities across the country, and in our nation’s capital.

This advocacy role is directed toward creating an army of employee owners who interact continuously with elected officials to prove that pro-active positions for employee ownership and ESOP laws will improve America’s economy in a way that is fair to all wage earners.

As to be expected, at certain times there are different “hot” issues that have activated our grassroots lobbying capacity. And, as is standard, the intensity of the grassroots work, backed up by years and years of professional experience in Washington, DC, will depend on the scope of the opportunity or threat, to ESOP companies and employees. (One United States Senator, who got on the wrong side of a pro-ESOP position and had to back down, called The ESOP Association’s lobbying activities “the lightning lobby.”)

The work of The ESOP Association and employee ownership advocates pays off time and time again. Without going into details, the fact is, since 1996, Congress has enacted several positive ESOP laws for C and S corporations, and the regulatory climate has improved greatly.

So it is important, now more than ever, that the ESOP community be united with the advocacy work of The ESOP Association.

The ESOP Association’s advocacy style is aggressive. While we recognize that reasonable men and women may differ on certain public policy issues, we measure proposals by the criteria of “Will it increase employee ownership or will it decrease employee ownership?” When the measure is “decrease,” more often than not, ESOP advocates protest long and loud.

Does the ESOP community “win” each fight? No, but we win our fair share and we believe we do because of our unified Vision for America, and our strong presence in Washington, DC.

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