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Employee Ownership Month

Every October, The ESOP Association and its member companies celebrate Employee Ownership Month. This is a terrific celebration of the spirit of employee ownership, and an invaluable opportunity to educate employee owners, elected officials, the media, and the public at large about the benefits of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

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To help make this year's Employee Ownership Month the best ever, we offer our members the following resources:

Employee Ownership Month Video

ESOP Association President J. Michael Keeling discusses how companies have interacted with employee owners, elected officials, and the public to make Employee Ownership Month a uniquely powerful celebration.

2018 Press Kit

The 2018 version of this popular kit has been significantly updated.   Offered exclusively to ESOP Association members, this kit offers insights on telling your ESOP story, helping you decide which media channels to use and how. The kit is also more concise and easier to use, with interactive links that take you directly to relevant content inside and outside the document. Download your copy today and get started telling your story to the world during Employee Ownership Month and all through the year! (You must be a member and signed in to website to access this material.) 

Employee Ownership Month Poster

Corporate members are mailed one complimentary Employee Ownership Month poster in late summer.
Additional posters can be purchased in the ESOP Store.