About the Association

Chapter Leadership

The Executive Committee of the State and Regional Chapter Council provides high-level oversight of the Chapter program, ensuring that it supports the strategic plan of The ESOP Association. The committee develops guidelines, monitors program operations, and ensures that chapter plans, budgets and spending are appropriate and consistent with the resources available to the chapters and The Association. 

Responsibilities and Resources

The committee meets at least three times a year.

Training sessions are available to help committee members better understand and perform their duties.

Make Up of the Committee

The committee consists of six chapter officers who serve staggered, two-year terms. Current chapter officers and immediate past chapter presidents are eligible to serve on the executive committee.

The committee elects a chair, and a chair elect.

A member of the Board of Directors serves as a liaison to the committee and is a non-voting member. 

The ESOP Association’s Chapter Development Officer also participates in the committee as a non-voting member and serves as a staff resource and liaison.

The current members of the Executive Committee are:

Missy Pieske
Executive Assistant and Meeting Planner, The Walman Optical Company

At-Large Members
Connie Burnette
VP Department Manager, Human Resources
Wiley Wilson

Maria Prado
VP, Human Resources
Rexcut Products

Jodi Lamb
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Big G Express, Inc.

Karen Ellis
V.P. Human Resources & Corp. Development
Superior Farms

Ronnie Kirby
Vermeer Texas-Louisiana 

Board of Directors' Liaison, Vice Chair
Gary Shorman
President, Eagle Communications Inc.

ESOP Association Liaison
Dan Marcue
Chapter Development Officer, The ESOP Association