About the Association

Membership Categories & Dues Amounts

Corporate Membership is strictly limited to companies with an em­ployee stock ownership or similar plan. Annual dues are based on the number of participants in the plan (both active and inactive accounts).  Membership Application

Participants                 Dues

1‑99                            $   685
100‑249                           930
250‑499                        1,370
500‑999                        1,800
1,000‑1,999                  2,730
2,000‑4,999                  3,620
5,000 and up                4,490

Affiliate Membership is open to those companies considering an em­ployee stock ownership plan. The membership dues, for one year only, is $630. Status is upgraded to regular voting membership upon formal in­stallation of an ESOP.  Membership Application

Professional Individual Membership is open to persons from professional off­ices that provide services to ESOP companies. Annual dues of $815 pro­vide membership status to one individual from a service provider's office.  Additional persons from the same office may become members for only $395 per each individual. Persons from the same company, but in a dif­ferent office location, must join as full professional members at $815.  Membership Application

Professional Business Membership is open to a business entity that provides professional services to sponsors of ESOPs that permits any employee of that business entity to receive ESOP Association member services for that year.  The annual dues are $18,565.  (Please attach a separate sheet of paper with the employees’ names and complete contact information to be included under the Professional Business Membership.)  Membership Application

Educational Membership is open to full‑time faculty members and students of accredited colleges and universities, and non‑profit organiza­tions working to promote the cause of employee ownership. The annual dues are $175.  Membership Application

ESOP Association dues are not tax deductible as charitable contribu­tions. However, they may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, to the extent they are not used for government rela­tions activities. The percentage of ESOP Association dues used for gov­ernment relations expenses is 20% of member dues revenue.