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Why JOIN The ESOP Association (TEA)?

What are the BENEFITS of joining The ESOP Association (TEA)?

  • TEA works to protect your company’s ESOP.
  • Receive discounted registration rates on ESOP conferences, seminars and retreats.
  • Access to the ABCs of ESOPs interactive learning module for ESOP participants (includes a glossary of ESOP terms, interactive learning games and lessons around what is an ESOP and how do I benefit as a participant). 
  • Access to technical staff to answer ESOP related questions.
  • Referrals to service providers in ESOP specialty areas.
  • Access group discounted ESOP Fiduciary Insurance.
  • Networking with your ESOP peers.
  • Learn the best ESOP managerial practices.
  • Access to local, cost effective networking and ESOP learning opportunities through our 18 local ESOP Chapters across the U.S.

Questions please email the Membership Department membership@esopassociation.org or phone toll free 1(866) 366-3832

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