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ESOP Trademarked Logo Policy

The ESOP Association

Whereas it is in the interest of The ESOP Association to promote recognition of ESOPs and of the ESOP concept, it is therefore considered appropriate to allow and indeed encourage Association members in good standing to list "A member of The ESOP Association" on official letterhead, correspondence or similar communications.  Such an attribution should in no way be construed to imply ESOP Association support or advocacy of any particular company, product or project other than as it relates to promotion of the ESOP concept.

The ESOP Association also encourages the use of The ESOP Association logo.  Use of The ESOP Association logo is permitted by regular corporate members only.  Professional, Educational, or Affiliate members may not use The ESOP Association logo for any publications, promotions, business cards or similar purposes.

The ESOP Association logo is a registered trademark.

ESOP Corporate (ESOP company) members may download the ESOP logo below.  Corporate members must be signed into the website to access the ESOP logo files 

Download ESOP Logo