About the Association


About The ESOP Association

The ESOP Association is the only entity that advocates for all ESOPs at the federal and national level. It provides education on ESOPs via national conferences (including the world’s largest ESOP conference) and a unique, nationwide network of 18 chapters.

Our Vision

We believe that employee ownership improves American competitiveness…that it increases productivity through greater employee participation in the workplace…that it strengthens our free enterprise economy and creates a broader distribution of wealth…and that it maximizes human potential by enhancing the self-worth, dignity, and well-being of our people.

Therefore, we envision an America where employee ownership is widely recognized as a catalyst for economic prosperity…where the great majority of employees own stock in the companies where they work…and where employee ownership enables employees to share in the wealth they help create.

And we look for our nation to become for all the world an example of prosperity with justice through employee ownership.

Our Mission

To educate and advocate about employee ownership with emphasis on ESOPs.

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