Many media outlets now have blogs, discussion forums, and comment sections on their sites and reporters do lurk on the blogs and discussions groups for story ideas.  Some reporters may have blogs on the media outlet’s website as well as covering a specific topic.

If you see a local story you feel strongly about that has to do with employee ownership, ownership society, retirement security, or a similar topic that ties into the ESOP concept, login and chat about what employee ownership has meant to you and your company.  Be frank in your discussion of why the ESOP is important to you and your fellow employee owners and your company.  You might tempt a reporter with a story idea about ESOPs in your area.  Check to see if the reporter has a blog, personal or work related, that you can also comment on if you feel strongly about the story.

If you are on a newspaper’s blog before or during Employee Ownership Month, convey this fact, and mention what your company is doing to celebrate.

If you would like to include facts and figures about ESOPs and employee ownership, visit our industry statistics page here.

Don’t forget to visit the Association’s Blog,, for stories about employee ownership, new pro-ESOP legislation, and Employee Ownership Foundation information.

If your company has a blog, don’t forget to promote it and use it to help promote employee ownership during Employee Ownership Month, post press releases and company news, and share it with the Association. (

If your company is considering a blog, there are a number of free software versions out there (Blogger and WordPress are two examples) that are very easy to use and don’t require any special training or software.  Remember, it takes time to build regular readers; it won’t happen overnight.

Social media:
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, Tumblr, Foursquare --- all forms of social media and all things you have probably heard of.  This list is certainly not definitive; there are many new sites popping up each day.

While the jury is still out on how to market a company and make money using social media networks, one thing is certain, people are using them.  So, if your company has a page or two on a site, use it to promote your company’s ESOP and employee ownership.  It is just one more way to share the news about employee ownership.

Don’t forget to join the Association’s group on LinkedIn and become a fan on Facebook.

If your company has a video(s) to share, send the link to and a link can be created at your request on The ESOP Association’s ESOPs & YouTube Library page.  Please make sure the videos are about ESOPs and employee ownership in some way.