Another way to highlight your company is to advertise.  Advertising helps increase the name recognition of your organization and increases awareness of ESOPs in your local community and nationally.  The biggest advantage to placing an advertisement is that you control the content – it cannot be edited, altered, or unused.  It is guaranteed to appear in the media outlet, once you pay for it.  The disadvantage is that paid advertising can be costly.

If you choose to take the paid media route, you have several options in designing the advertisement.  You can design it yourself, hire a graphic designer, or ask the media outlet to design it.  When designing the advertisement, keep the text short and simple.  Potential readers glance at ads for two to three seconds in deciding whether or not to read an advertisement.  If there is a lot of text, they will usually skip over it.  Also, include pictures of your employees or members.  Nothing captures a person’s attention more than a photo of a face.

Look at advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and online that catch your eye.  Put together a list of elements you like and dislike.  Was the text powerful?  Was the layout interesting or unique?  Did the photos grab your attention?  These are the ideas you want to incorporate into your advertisement.

Don’t forget the most simple advertising strategy: add information about being an ESOP to your company’s letterhead, business cards, email signatures, newsletters, marketing brochures, and website.