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The Annual Awards for Communications Excellence (AACE) are sponsored by The ESOP Association to recognize the outstanding communications programs of its members. AACE winners are chosen by a panel of five judges made up of both management and non-management employee owners, each of whom has demonstrated active experience and interest in the field of ESOP communications.

Every AACE entry is a winner because each one represents a company with a commitment to ESOP communications. It is hoped that the AACE program will be a motivating factor in encouraging more ESOP companies to share this valuable benefit with their employees.

All entries will be displayed at The ESOP Association’s Annual Conference in May, in Washington, DC. Winners will be honored at the Awards Banquet during the Annual Conference.

Any Corporate Member of The ESOP Association may enter material from its ESOP employee communications program.

If you have questions concerning the AACE program, please contact Patrick Mirza by dialing (202) 293-2971 or by e-mailing him at patrick@esopassociation.org  If you have questions concerning the Poster contest, please contact Gwenn Rosenthal at toll free 1(866) 366-3832 or by e-mailing gwenn@esopassociation.org.

“Entering the AACE helps us to review our communication accomplishments each year. It also promotes the development of new ideas, which elevates the level of ESOP knowledge within our company.”

Diane Faville
Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
Rochester, NY

“The AACE is a great encouragement for our employee owners to tell the employee ownership story. It fuels and energizes them.”

Curt Jahde
Owner Revolution, Inc.
Adair, IA