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Annual Awards for Communications Excellence (AACE) and Employee Ownership Month (EOM) Poster Competitions

2018 Competitions​

The 2018 AACE and EOM Poster Competitions are now closed. Click below to see:

    AACE Winners and Runners Up from 2018 and earlier competitions  
    Archive of all Video entries from 2018 and earlier competitions
    Winner and finalists of the 2018 Employee Ownership Month Poster competition
    Sample of past poster contest winners

2019 Competitions

Information on the 2019 AACE and EOM Poster competitions will be posted on this page at a later date. The deadline for both competitions will be in early February 2019.

To gain insights on how to produce a winning entry for 2019, check out past winning entries and the relevant judges' comments (see the links above for winning entries from 2018). You also should familiarize yourself with the 2018 rules and entry form. (While these may change for 2019, they can offer you a  good head start on next year's competitions.) 

     2018 AACE and EOM Poster Rules
     2018 Digital Entry Form (Save this form to your computer, type in your information, save it again, and attach it to an e-mail sent to media@esopassociation.org.)

AACE or EOM Poster Questions? 
Contact Patrick Mirza, (202) 293-2971, patrick@esopassociation.org